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My son Pixie

Stillbirth Still Loved: Pixie

It’s been just over 3 weeks since Pixie was born. He was stillborn at 41 weeks on 4th June, having passed away on 1st June. The first post I wrote...

babyloss awareness week 2020

Babyloss Awareness Week 2020

October is Babyloss Awareness Month and the 9th to 15th of October are Babyloss Awareness Week. To be honest, while I start this post I am not sure entirely what...

lockdown parents

Three Months of Lockdown Parenthood

Unbelievably, Bam Bam will be 13 weeks old tomorrow. Equally as difficult to countenance, she has just fallen asleep in her carrier despite being quite grouchy today due to her...

Julie May Lingerie

I was approached by Julie May to review their new lingerie collections when I was pregnant. I was really excited about the idea of a comfortable but attractive collection for...

The Kindness Pixie #TheKindnessPixie

The Kindness Pixie

It is our little boy’s funeral next week. If you want to read about Pixie’s story you can find out about his stillbirth and my reflections on the experience in...

stillbirth Pixie Hadland

Introducing Pixie Hadland

Edit (06/06/19) – I’ve been adding in details to the birth story as they occur to me – some elements are already very hazy in my mind. I think the...