Tiny Rebel? Not any more thanks

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  1. Steve Cole says:

    Keep an eye out for Trinity brewing from Lichfield, they have done a few collabs beers now and are just setting up

  2. Darren Robb says:

    Dig Brew Co from Birmingham (ish)
    Leviathan Brewing from Sutton Coldfield
    Overtone Brewing Co from Glasgow
    Vault City Brewing from Edinburgh

    Can’t go wrong with these breweries. Knocking out belters consistently.

  3. Phil says:

    Pressure Drop and Howling Hops!

  4. Trev says:

    Phantom from Reading. Attic from. Birmingham. Both new and good.

  5. Louis says:

    UnBarred brewery, based in Brighton but delivering nationwide.

  6. Genocide Juice says:

    ^^^ the same Magic Rock who are owned by a company involved in genocide? Just Google “genocide” and “magic rock”

  7. Alex says:

    Really sad to hear you’re leaving your favourite brewery behind – absolutely sucks when you fall in love with a product and find out it’s made by wrong’uns.

    Partizan are one of my fave breweries at the minute and have a really cool ethos about them. They’re based in South London but have a Leicester connection as they’ve got relatives at Framework.

    People Like Us are awesome too – A) The beer is top notch and b) They only employ people from marginalised groups.

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Alex, will take a look at both of them. People Like Us sounds particularly interesting! Wonder when I will next get to do the rounds in London…

  8. Becks says:

    Here’s some good’nes to convert to…
    Magic Rock Brewing
    Northern Monk

    Can’t go wrong with those breweries!

    • Laura says:

      A comprehensive list of some of the most famous breweries in the country Becks – hoping for something I might not have tried before! Definitely a good starter pack though if someone is looking to get into beer.

    • Keith Sowerby says:

      Not sure about Magic Rock – they are part of the Lion subsidiary of Kirin, with their highlighted involvement with the military regime in Myanmar.

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