The Wisdom of Crowds: Eating Out

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  1. Alan Merryweather says:

    I love this article, I like Tripadvisor.
    We use it loads to see what is about and what is happening.
    Like everyone else we dont read the 5* reviews, just the one and two star ones.
    Forget the venues for a minute.
    Look at the reviewers, most of the bad reviews are complaints NOT REVIEWS, after all you can have an average meal in wonderful surroundings with great clean decor and immaculate loos and great service, but give them a poor rating because your gravy was lukewarm.
    Generally it’s a good guide to and one that generates us a lot of footfall from the 3 local hotels.
    Once again Laura a great piece, looking forward to many more in 2020.
    Happy New Year to you and all who read you xx

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Alan, kind comments and always nice to have an independent barometer to know that my musings aren’t always so far off the mark! I think there is also a big issue in people writing reviews with little knowledge or basis for comparison. I always try and be fair about ‘value’ in particular when thinking about a venue and its target audience. A chain carvery pub vs a street food truck vs a self proclaimed ‘fine dining’ establishment are all going to produce very different food and experiences yet they are have the potential to be excellent at what they do.

      Looking forward to having the chance to come and eat at the Black Horse Aylestone again next week – it’s been too long!!

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