Introducing Pixie Hadland

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  1. Paul Clark says:

    How horrible, and how very brave of you to write this and share your experience with others xx

  2. Georgie says:

    So sad – the pain in every sense too deep to quantify. The meaning of life…thank you.

  3. Jackie says:

    All the love in the world to all 3 of you Laura. You are immensely brave for putting your story down and sharing it. It will certainly help other families going through similar ordeals. Talking about Pixie is absolutely the best thing to do, for you and to honour him. Take care and love each other xxx

  4. Liz Robson says:

    Such a mixture of emotions reading this. I am so very, very sorry for you both and for the loss of a desperately loved baby. But then I am so proud of you and to know such a brave and compassionate mother who is making the best of a devastating situation to not only work through her own grief but by publishing to help others who may in this unfortunate situation. Love to you both and some special love for little Pixie xxx

  5. Kay says:

    So sorry to read this devastating blog, but in awe of your strength and courage to share your journey. Your story is so familiar to many parents across the world yet never really spoken about. You are amazing parents – Pixie is a lucky boy to have you; helping others in the same situation; making others stronger with your courage. Take care of yourselves as you move through these times; look after each other and talk, talk, talk. Sending all 3 of you love

  6. Alison Clipsham says:

    Laura, I am so sorry. I know from friends who have also experienced this that it’s incredibly hard and Pixie will always be with you, but hope in time the pain will lessen for both of you. Much love.

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