The Beginner’s View of Hypnobirthing

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  1. Davis says:

    I’ve heard of hypnobirthing but I never knew there were retreats for it! It sounds like the both of you had an absolutely amazing time, I want to go on one now even though I aren’t expecting! I especially want to sample the food and drink, from your pictures it looks absolutely mouthwatering! The massage wouldn’t go amiss either, I’ve actually never had one, but so so in need! Good luck with the birth of your little bundle of joy, I hope you all have the best experience! 🙂

    Davis |

  2. I didn’t even know hypobirthing was a thing, let alone how it worked. It certainly sounds interesting, to say the least. The retreat sounds like it really helped you, which is awesome. Thanks for teaching me about this concept today. I love learning new things!

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Erica, then this post has done it’s job, I love discovering new things too!

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