12 Pairs of Christmas at 33 Cank Street

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  1. Apologies if credit has not been given where it is due Oscar – I can only work with the information I have to hand. But I agree – compliments and salutations are due to absolutely everyone involved!

  2. Oscar Foxtrot says:

    Great post as usual!

    However, I cannot help but feel that some recognition has gone amiss to some of the other fantastic minds behind the bar at 33 Cank Street. As a fellow Mixologist that has worked, and drunk with the lovely Mr Jack Chalk, I feel this has not quite done him the justice he deserves.
    So from me…Congratulations to Jack on an incredible sounding drinks menu, and also a big applause for the entire 33 Cank Street team on their execution of service, it seems that it all pulled together in the end!
    The Christmas pudding infusion sounds particularly delightful, and I cannot wait to try it next time I am in Leicester. All the best old pal.

    Peace, Love, and Chartreuse.

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