REVIEW: Eisberg Alcohol-Free Wines

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  1. Leonard Spellman says:

    An interesting read. One question. re Eisberg Alcohol Free Wine. Why is it, necessary to put the bottle in the fridge once opened ?

  2. Mike Wilson says:

    Cheating, I know, and probably an abomination to the Jancis Robinson contingent………. But I’ve found that adding the smallest splosh of something a bit more muscular to the virtuous brew gives it just enough oomph to pass muster on the olfactory organs.

    For me, three parts of Eisberg and one part of a decent Primitivo has enough body and nearly enough aroma, even though the result is only 3% alcohol. And if that little cocktail sounds barbaric, consider this. If you’re going to have a German wine made from a French grape, then adding a shot of Italian to the mongrel isn’t going to ruin something rare, precious and beautiful.. 🙂

    As self-isolation imposed itself upon us, I managed to pick up a couple of dozen Eisbergs from Amazon for barely two quid a bottle, because they were discontinuing them, And as the off-licence becomes steadily more off-limits, they’re going to keep me sane and mostly sober.

    Go on, try it. I dare you!

  3. David says:

    Hi Laura, A positive blog with reservations. MY first taste last week ended up in the sink!! I didn’t throw it away (just). Opening the computer this morning I was on the verge of complaining to the company about the dreadful taste. I have dared to have another taste. To my surprise—not bad at all!! It could have “aired” and the temperature warmer, but, on my desk right now——-I might even finish off the splash in my water glass.
    You have saved the reputation of Eisberg–for now.

    • Laura says:

      To be fair, all these years later (and currently pregnant) I don’t go back to it on anything like a regular basis. As you may see from my other posts, I’m much more of an alcohol free beer fan. But I stick by my original message – it’s OK 😂

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